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24 Element Oil for Greying Hair- 100 ml

₹ 700.00

If you’re agonized because someone has spotted a few grey hairs on your head, don’t panic! We have come up with a unique formulation of 24 element oils that exclusively caters your issue and say NO to GREY HAIR. Our hair oil works on your rapid pigment loss.

Walnut & Pumpkin Seed Exfoliating Face Wash- 75 gm

₹ 550.00

Unveil a fresh and glowing skin every morning with a unique formulation of walnut and pumpkin seed face wash.


REPAIRATIVE HAIR BUTTER Cocoa Butter Fenugreek Oil Onion Seed Oil - 100GM

₹ 502.55₹ 529.00

Onion Oil nourishes your scalp and improves the blood circulation, thus ensuring thicker and stronger hair growth. It also effectively promotes hair regrowth and prevent any bacterial infections or dandruff.


SPF 50 - HYBRID SUN FLUID PA+++ ULTRA DEFENCE UVA UVB Protection Liposomal encapsulated Technology- 50 gm

₹ 679.25₹ 715.00

The Ultra Defence Sun Fluid helps protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun and its UV rays. It has a soft, dry, zero shine, water-resistant finish. The formulation includes both mineral and chemical filters that are encapsulated for a long lasting protection against the UVA and UVB ray.

the essentials - A-HA FACE WASH

₹ 1,450.00

Everyone wants a cleanser with ingredients that are tough on impurities and yet gentle enough that they don't over-dry the skin or alter its pH level. We have you covered.

Day Lip ButterMask™, Raspberry - Lip Tint

₹ 599.00

The best feature of this lip mask is the perfect Nude Pink Tint that it provides & it’s made with organic lip color.


MommyPure Tear-Free Natural Baby Shampoo 250ml

₹ 399.50₹ 425.00

Wriggly or straight, wavy or curly, cleansing your baby's hair should be a fun-loving experience. Say farewell to tears while your baby has all the bath time fun with our extra gentle tear-free shampoo! Enriched with sweet almond oil, olive oil, chamomile & pepha-protect, it brings the perfect blend of nourishment and strength to your baby's hair! So, have it in your basket of essentials for soft, silky and strong hair for your little angel. All our baby care products are proudly certclean certified which means they are made following the strictest clean beauty standards, without the use of any toxins or harmful chemicals. Our baby care products are also dermatologically tested for safety as our babies deserve nothing but the most pure & clean care.


ENCOURAGE Organic Hemp-Seed Hair Oil

₹ 528.00₹ 660.00

This Herbal hair oil is a non-sticky, non-greasy, fast-absorbing blend of 18 power-packed botanical oils that provide deep nourishment to the scalp and reduce hair fall. Enriched with potent oils like Almond, Argan, Coconut, Blackseed, and others, the Hemp seed hair oil gives softer, stronger, and shinier hair after each use. Revitalize your scalp and hair with an oil that captures the essence of natural healing. Invest in natural hair care, where every blend has a safe, organic, and chemical-free formulation!

Foaming Almond Face Wash

₹ 1,100.00

An all- natural foaming face wash, packed with nourishing botanicals and plant actives, especially formulated for removing impurities such as dust, dirt, excess sebum and make-up residues.

Body Oil

₹ 1,350.00

 An incredibly regenerative and nourishing light body oil rich in antioxidants and vitamins carefully formulated with healing and uplifting essential oils of Neroli and Ylang Ylang. Ideal for all skin types.

2-in-1 Lip Primer + Conditioner (Orange & Cinnamon)

₹ 470.00

The Lip Primer + Conditioner handcrafted by Meraki Lanes is a sheer, lightweight primer that offers the dual benefits of creating a flawless base for the lips, as well as protecting new skin cells. Comprising of ultra-hydrating properties, this multipurpose lip primer prevents the lips from ageing and chapping. Its scientifically proven formula boosts moisture and enhances the overall appearance of the lips. The primer offers the goodness of nourishing oils that prevent lip darkening and pigmentation, as well as restores the natural tint of lips with regular use.


AURAVEDIC Pigmentation Mask And Oil Combo (2 Items in the set)

₹ 750.00

This powerful skin oil provides the purest, most natural and effective way of reducing dark spots & pigmentation, delivering essential nutrients into your skin’s upper layers.Revealing lighter, brighter, radiant and youthful looking skin. This gentle facial mask formulated with pure natural actives deeply penetrates the skin to lighten the complexion and clarify dark spots for glowing and radiant skin.