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Walnut & Pumpkin Seed Exfoliating Face Wash- 75 gm

₹ 550.00

Unveil a fresh and glowing skin every morning with a unique formulation of walnut and pumpkin seed face wash.


SPF 50 - HYBRID SUN FLUID PA+++ ULTRA DEFENCE UVA UVB Protection Liposomal encapsulated Technology- 50 gm

₹ 679.25₹ 715.00

The Ultra Defence Sun Fluid helps protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun and its UV rays. It has a soft, dry, zero shine, water-resistant finish. The formulation includes both mineral and chemical filters that are encapsulated for a long lasting protection against the UVA and UVB ray.

the essentials - A-HA FACE WASH

₹ 1,450.00

Everyone wants a cleanser with ingredients that are tough on impurities and yet gentle enough that they don't over-dry the skin or alter its pH level. We have you covered.

Foaming Almond Face Wash

₹ 1,100.00

An all- natural foaming face wash, packed with nourishing botanicals and plant actives, especially formulated for removing impurities such as dust, dirt, excess sebum and make-up residues.

-20% New

Argan Oil Pro care Kit

₹ 2,316.80₹ 2,896.00

Argan Oil Pro Care of Frescia is an exclusive range of Hair & Body Care of Argan Oil. Handcrafted with love & care, this gift kit can be an ultimate choice of everyone. Handmade freebies like Mahogony Bowl, Jute Pouch & Seeds pack with premium range of products make it unique & special.


AURAVEDIC Pigmentation Mask And Oil Combo (2 Items in the set)

₹ 750.00

This powerful skin oil provides the purest, most natural and effective way of reducing dark spots & pigmentation, delivering essential nutrients into your skin’s upper layers.Revealing lighter, brighter, radiant and youthful looking skin. This gentle facial mask formulated with pure natural actives deeply penetrates the skin to lighten the complexion and clarify dark spots for glowing and radiant skin.


AURAVEDIC Lighter And Brighter Skin Combo (2 Items in the set)

₹ 750.00

Use of both as a complete skin regimen is the best skin care therapy.

-20% New

Argan Oil Moisturisers Combo - 2 packs, 200 ml. 100gm

₹ 1,158.40₹ 1,448.00

No more flaky skin in winter! Pick up Frescia’s Argan Oil Body Lotion to refresh your senses and nourish the skin. Experience skin renewal with Frescia’s pure Argan oil cream & Argan Oil Body Lotion. Argan Oil Moisturisers makes your skin protected from all the impurities, dirt & wrap your skin to protect from uv rays.

-20% New

Detan & Refresh Combo - 2 packs, 100 ml 100 gm

₹ 1,079.20₹ 1,349.00

Experience the cool refreshment & detoxify treat to make your mask & toning ritual the best part of your skin regime! This Detan Refresh Combo makes your skin flawless and gives you a refresh feel. It is a perfect solution for excess oil,balanced pH and skin irritation like breakout, redness and rashes.

-20% New

Tea Tree & Neem Face Cleansers Combo - 2 packs, 200ml 100gm

₹ 1,078.40₹ 1,348.00

Try Frescia’s Tea Tree & Neem Cleansers to clean all dirts & fight with stubborn acne. Frescia’s tea tree neem anti cleansers pulls out all the impurities while neem and tea tree treats your acnes and balances sebum in your face to provide you with a soft, supple and acne-free flawless face. With two active ingredients, Tea Tree and Neem, let the goodness of nature deal with your skin woes.

-20% New

Chocolate Coffee Cleansers Combo - 2 Packs, 200ml 100gm

₹ 1,078.40₹ 1,348.00

Frescia Chocolate Coffee cleansers is a one-stop solution for dry skin & tanned face. Infused with coffee and other beneficial ingredients, it can work to make your skin soft & supple than ever before. The coffee has strong antioxidant properties that remove radicals, make your skin younger and smoother by exfoliating. The caffeine deals with skin tone effectively.

-20% New

Argan Oil Cream - 100 gm

₹ 599.20₹ 749.00

Frescia’s Argan Oil Cream is The Best Anti Aging Cream in India & a must-try for all skin types. It moisturizes You Face instantly and keeps the natural glow. If you have been looking for authentic argan oil products, you search ends here. With the power of active components in argan oil, the skin is nourished, rejuvenated and softened. It further minimises fine lines and wrinkles to leave you with a well-hydrated youthful skin.

-20% New

Kaolin Clay Face Mask - 100 gm

₹ 559.20₹ 699.00

When it comes to your skin-care, a face mask is an important factor. Frescia’s Kaolin Clay Face Mask removes dead skin cells, dirt, and toxins out of your Face. It is a perfect solution for excess oil and skin irritation like breakout, redness and rashes. The active ingredient Kaolin is a natural exfoliant to remove dirt and dead skin, scrounging flaky skin and maintain a perfect oil balance on your skin.

-20% New

Cool Cucumber Toner - 100 ml

₹ 519.20₹ 649.00

Frescia’s cool cucumber toner is an unique Natural Skin Care product For dry, oily & sensitive skin and prevents skin irritation, reduces blemishes. Frescia’s cucumber toner minimises your visible pores, balances the pH levels of your skin and provides you with a blast of freshness. This alcohol-free hydrating toner is enriched with the coolness of cucumber to sooth your irritated skin, prevent inflammation and reduce puffiness making your skin soft and plump.