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REPAIRATIVE HAIR BUTTER Cocoa Butter Fenugreek Oil Onion Seed Oil - 100GM

₹ 396.75₹ 529.00

Onion Oil nourishes your scalp and improves the blood circulation, thus ensuring thicker and stronger hair growth. It also effectively promotes hair regrowth and prevent any bacterial infections or dandruff.

Moroccan Ice - Natural Hair Mask - Itchy scalp relief - 120 gms

₹ 425.00

"• Deeply cleansing. • Soothes dry flaky skin • Improves skin elasticity • Hydrates the skin • Glowing skin" Fragrance family-Earthy & Woody


Ayurvedic Hair Strengthening Mask

₹ 1,422.90₹ 1,581.00

Ayurvedic Hair Strengthening Mask SHELF LIFE IN MONTHS- 6 months.


Keshananda Herbal Power Pack - Colored Treated Hair

₹ 315.00₹ 450.00

The herbal mix remedies hair from the damage and cures hair shaft.


Keshananda Herbal Power Pack - Anti Dandruff

₹ 315.00₹ 450.00

The super mix of raw herbs acts as natural cleansers for the scalp.


Keshananda Herbal Power Pack - Anti Hairfall

₹ 315.00₹ 450.00

The mix of lab tested herbs and spices from the land of Himalayas leaves hair regenerated and strong.


Jatamansi and Bhringraj Hair Butter

₹ 520.00₹ 650.00

A pure hair conditioning butter that is loaded with the goodness of all natural ingredients without any dilution with water. Gives you soft and conditioned hair.


Organic Harvest Hair Spa for Dandruff Free Hair, 200gm

₹ 596.25₹ 795.00

Hair Spa - Dandruff Free Hair


Organic Harvest Hair Spa for Dry and Damaged Hair, 200gm

₹ 671.25₹ 895.00

Hair Spa - Dry & Damage

Babassu & Macadamia Conditioning Hair Mask- 7 gm

₹ 900.00

A rich creamy hair is designed to protect, repair and deeply nourish your hair. It rebuilds and reconstructs the dry, damaged hair.



₹ 374.25₹ 499.00

Hibiscus Extract is rich in nutrients such as amino acids that are necessary for producing keratin, the building blocks of our hair.


RESTORATIVE HAIR BUTTER Pea Protein Murumuru Butter Rice Ferment - 100GM

₹ 426.75₹ 569.00

Pea Protein is all the buzz within the nutrition industry. Pisum Sativum Peptide is a hydrolyzed pea protein that utilizes a novel technology to provide all the benefits of hydrolyzed proteins.


CONDITIONING HAIR BUTTER Hibiscus, Shikakai & Tamarind - 100GM

₹ 449.25₹ 599.00

Tamarind and Shikakai have been used for hundreds of years by Indian women to protect and nourish their hair because these plants are rich in powerful antioxidants.



₹ 486.75₹ 649.00

Hexapeptide-11 is a biofermented peptide that has been shown in in vitro genomic studies, run on human dermal fibroblasts, to upregulate key genes responsible for collagen production and important extracellular matrix components such as hyaluronic acid.



₹ 461.25₹ 615.00

ResistHyal™ is a new generation of hair care active ingredient containing an optimised ratio of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids, dissolved in a blend of water and lactic acid.