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Dromen & Co Black Obsidian Gua Sha Stone for Men

₹ 1,999.20₹ 2,499.00

Black Obsidian is a crystal of Power and Strength with properties of detoxification.


Dromen & Co Black Obsidian Facial Roller for Men

₹ 1,999.20₹ 2,499.00

The precious gemstone, Black Obsidian is known as the “Stone of Power and Strength”.


Beach Mist Refreshing 5 in 1 Shower Gel and Face Wash with Fortified Minerals for Men- 250 ml

₹ 349.30₹ 499.00

Get ready for a luxury affair with every cell of your skin derived from rich beach aqua luxury.

BodyCafé After-Shave Cream- 125 gm

₹ 500.00

No more applying chemical laden aftershaves to ease that itch and redness.

BodyCafé Beard Oil- 90 ml

₹ 500.00

An amalgamation of intensely nourishing oils like cold pressed Coconut oil, Almond oil, Castor oil, Wheatgerm oil, Cedarwood oil, Vitamin E make our BodyCafé Beard Oil one of the top picks in men’s range.

BodyCafé Beard Cream- 125 ml

₹ 500.00

Some men say their beard is their ‘pride’ and we at BodyCafé ensure your beard gets the nourishment it truly deserves. 


23 Yards Shaving Gel for Men - 100ml

₹ 254.15₹ 299.00

I Grooming by Ravi Shastri I With Anti-septic properties of Neem and Calendula and Menthol I Fresh Citrus Fragrance.  The 23 Yards Shaving Gel is safe to use on all skin types and provides comforting protection for your skin amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

23 Yards Invigorating Body Wash for Him - 200ml

₹ 499.00

Grooming by Ravi Shastri I With Hydrating Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil.  Draws away toxins, dirt and other impurities from the skin and rinse them off without drying it out


Greenberry Organics Oraganic Beard & Moustache Conditioning Oil 50 ML

₹ 615.23₹ 799.00

ORGANIC & NATURAL Beard & Moustache Oil - Super blended easily to use a heavier, thicker, and shinier beard formula. Super oils add to the shine and gloss that you need daily to create that oomph factor. CONDITIONS THE SKIN TOO - No need to worry about the skin beneath the beard too. Conditions and avoids acne under the beard. Keeps the skin healthy and comfortable. BENEFITS - Treats the beard hair from inside out, too, not only for conditioning but for stimulating, lightly scented. This creates an aura around your personality PURE FOR SURE - The blends are 100% organic, cold-pressed and natural. Safe for all skin types and creates no issues for the skin underneath. • GOODNESS OF GREENBERRY: Made with only the best ECOCERT & USDA ingredients only. Doesn't contain 14 other chemicals. Safe for everyone's skin and includes a blend of moisturization and sun protection. This is an organic and natural Oil.